Micro-ceramic based lubricant designed for use in all turbochargers.



Designed to be used in new or newly rebuilt turbocharges. Wagner Turbocharger Additive protects the new or rebuilt turbocharger from damage during initial start-up when low oil or dry-running occurs.

How It Works

WAGNER Turbocharger Additive has been specially developed to reduce friction and thereby reduce wear during initial start-up. By eliminating the „dry“ phase during start up and by optimizing the metal surfaces of the bearings the turbocharger is fully protected from wear and long term damage. WAGNER Turbocharger Additive uses the finest Micro Ceramic particles (0.02 – 0.15 micron) in combination with a fully synthetic, high penetrating base oil. This combination ensures the lubricant reaches all of the friction points and settles in the porous wear surfaces of the metal.


  • maximum wear protection of bearing metals
  • high lubrication capacity and and extreme reduction of friction
  • lubricates up to 1100 C°
  • eliminates crust and deposit build up
  • does not affect dimensional tolerances
  • fully compatible with engine oil and normal oil lubrication
  • safe for use with all engine oils
  • guarantees operational reliability
  • white color allows for easy quality control and confirmation of use
  • quickly penetrates and lubricates plain and axial bearings


Administer before installation by applying over the oil feed.