An unmatched reduction in friction and unheard of protection, even during emergency/extreme running situations.


Suitable for use in all gasoline and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems. Oil-Stop can be used with all standard, semi and fully
synthetic oils.

How It Works

Over time rubber-based seals lose their flexibility as a result of being in constant contact with oils, fuels, and additives. Wagner Oil-Stop is designed to make brittle seals a thing of the past. Wagner Oil-Stop combines a fully synthetic base oil with a plasticizer to restore the flexibility of rubber-based seals, increase their plasticity, and keep them smooth. Through continued use Wagner Oil-Stop keeps seals flexible and conditioned, greatly increasing their lifespan.


  • protects against and stops leaking
  • improves seal plasticity, keeping seals fitting tightly
  • eliminates harmful/toxic oil spots that result from leaking seals
  • reduces oil consumption by repairing valve steam seals
  • reduces blue exhaust smoke
  • made with high quality components that do not affect the viscosity of standard oils


3-5% of the total oil volume.
For preventive treatment in undamaged systems, add 3% when changing oil to keep the seals tight and properly conditioned.