Specially formulated additive designed to clean the lubrication pathways within engines and gearboxes.


Motor-Cleaner can be used in all gasoline and diesel engines, manual transmissions, differentials, and various other drives with oil lubrication.

How It Works

The engine cleaner removes deposits on pistons, ring grooves, bores, and lines by completely dissolving
grime and sludge. It also prevents varnish formation on hot metals during the cleaning process and afterwards during normal use. Unlike most engine cleaners and engine flushes Wagner Motor-Cleaner protects the components from wear during the cleaning process. This unique ability is only possible through Wagner’s specialized lubricity additive.


  • improves compression
  • improves engine power
  • reduces engine noise
  • reduces emissions
  • reduces fuel and oil consumption
  • reduces wear and neutralizes harmful oleic acids
  • extends the service life of DPFs and catalytic converters


Wagner Motor-Cleaner has to be added before the oil change and should make up 6-8% of the total oil volume in the engine/gearbox.