Universal Micro Ceramic Oil Additive for all engine and gear oils. Prevents wear, improves performance, reduces fuel consumption.


Wagner Micro Ceramic Oil Additive can be used in all standard mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic engine and gear oils and is safe for use in engines equipped with turbo chargers and catalytic converters.


  • decreases fuel consumption and oil consumption
  • decreases wear, reduces friction
  • decreases oil running temperatures
  • decreases engine or transmission noise
  • decreases operational costs
  • decreases emissions
  • increases protection
  • increases engine/gear lifespans
  • enhances engine performance
  • smoothens gear change


Micro Ceramic Oil should make up 5 % of the total engine or gear oil volume.

NOT for use in automatic transmissions. In automatic transmissions WAGNER Automotive Additive is recommended.

How It Works

Wagner Micro Ceramic Oil Additive contains billions of Nano sized ceramic spheres that greatly enhance the lubrication capacity of standard engine oils. The microscopic sized ceramic spheres adhere to the metal’s porous surface, smoothening the normally rough surface. At the same time the ceramic particles act as Nano ball bearings, reducing friction and allowing the smooth metal surfaces to freely glide over one another.  This reduced friction also lowers the running temperature and extends the service lifespan.

Under extreme pressures, the ceramic spheres lose their shape creating a film, bonded, to the metal surfaces. This ceramic film gives the metal a durable layer of protection, allowing it to withstand extreme pressures. The ceramic on ceramic film that is created not only reduces wear and friction but also reduces engine noise as the components are running smoother and more efficiently. There is no longer metal gliding on metal, but rather ceramic gliding on ceramic.

left: without Mico Cermaic - right: with Micro Ceramic

Good to Know!

Micro Ceramic lubricants do not interfere or react with standard oil additives.  Therefore Wagner Micro Ceramic Additives can be used in all engine and gear oils without having any negative impact on the standard oils make-up or functionality.

Due to the ceramic spheres size of 0.02 – 0.15 microns, filters do not collect the micro-ceramic particles and do not become blocked.  This means Wagner Micro Ceramic will pass through all full flow filters.  Wagner Micro Ceramic should not be used in partial flow filters of 1 micron or less nor be used in sub-micron filter systems.