Specialized additive formula for the complete cleaning of diesel injectors and the entire fueling system


Wagner Injector-Cleaner can be used in all diesel engines with particulate filters, SCR catalytic converters
as well as in modern vehicles with Common-Rail (CDI) and unit-injector (TDI) engines. It is also safe for use in
combination with all regeneration systems found on diesel particulate filters.

How It Works

Highly effective detergents and active ingredients remove oil, carbon, and varnish in the injectors,
combustion chamber, pistons and valves. As a result the injection pump, injectors, and entire fuel system are kept free of deposits and operating at peak efficiency.


  • allows for finer atomization which greatly improves combustion
  • prevents formation of deposits in the fuel injection system
  • absorbs and efficiently removes moisture from the fuel system
  • improves engine performance
  • reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • extends system service life


Mixing Ratio: 1:150
300 ml of Injector-Cleaner treats up to 50 liters of diesel fuel.