Extend DPF lifespans with this specially formulated additive that optimizes combustion, reduces soot emissions, and cleans the fuel systems.



Wagner DPF-Cleaner is safe for use in all diesel engines with particulate filters, SCR catalytic converters as well as in modern vehicles with Common-Rail (CDI), unit-injector (TDI) engines and in combination with all diesel particulate filter regeneration systems. Applicable also in diesel/bio diesel mixtures, pure bio diesel (B100) and vegetable oils.

How It Works

Wager DPF-Cleaner is a combination of detergents and active ingredients that reduce soot decomposition temperatures. Lower decomposition temperatures allow soot to be efficiently burned during combustion at a low exhaust gas temperature during normal driving (e.g. short tracks, stop-and-go). Regular use ensures efficient combustion and keeps the injectors and particulate filters clean. Regeneration of a clogged DPF filter is possible during operation and use.


  • complete soot combustion at low exhaust gas temperatures and low engine loads
  • regeneration of clogged particulate filters within a short time without disassembly
  • optimizes combustion and reduces fuel consumption
  • cleans injectors and the entire fuel system
  • improves engine power
  • zero negative effects on paraffin formation at low temperatures
  • longer service life of the diesel particulate filter
  • lower maintenance and operational costs


Mixing Ratio: 1:200
300 ml of DPF-Cleaner treats up to 50 liters of diesel fuel.