An unmatched reduction in friction and unheard of protection, even during emergency/extreme running situations.


Recommended for classic and modern 2 and 4 stroke diesel engines. Cetane CS1 has been successfully
tested in SCR catalytic converters, particulate filters and high-pressure injection systems (Common-Rail, pumpinjection). Applicable also in diesel/bio diesel mixtures, pure bio diesel (B100) and vegetable oils.

How It Works

Combustion is optimized by highly active catalysts which create faster ignition times. Specialized additives  lubricate high pressure pumps, injectors, and valves, providing total wear protection. Surface-active ingredients remove and dissolve deposits from the pistons, valves and keep the tank lines, injection pump,
inlet ports, piston ring grooves and combustion chamber clean. At the same time, Cetane CS1 prevents varnishing and particle build up while the engine is running, ensuring trouble free operation.


  • efficiently protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • enhances acceleration and engine performance
  • improves the cetane value
  • improves combustion efficiency
  • lowers the emissions CO, HC, NOx and soot
  • improves starting in extrem cold weather conditions
  • increases fuel mileage and service life
  • smoothens +engine operation
  • extends DPF lifespans
  • eliminates bacteria
  • absorbs and efficiently removes moisture from the fuel system


Mixing Ration 1:200
300 ml of Cetane CS1 treats up to 60 liters of diesel fuel