High-Tech wear protection for all engine and gear oils, automatic gear oils, and hydraulic and industrial oils.


Wagner Automotive Oil Additive can be used in all standard mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic engine
and gear oils and is safe for use in engines equipped with turbo chargers and catalytic converters.


  • increased efficiency
  • increased service life
  • increased protection against wear, pitting, and binding
  • decreased exhaust gases
  • decreased operational costs
  • decreases running noise and temperatures
  • decreased power loss from gear friction
  • creates and maintains clean running surfaces
  • excellent molecular adhesion
  • high shear strength
  • provides protection from overload damages

HIGH-TECH Automotive Oil-Additive does not contain solid


Application & Dosing

Wagner Automotive should make up 4-5% of the total engine or gear oil volume.

  • petrol, diesel and compressed gas engine oil 5% gear oils,
  • ATF gear oils 5% (10% when under extreme stress)
  • industrial oils, cooling lubricants 5-10%
  • hydraulic oils 2-5% (pending load and application situation

How It Works

Wagner Automotive Additive is a revolutionary additive that actively protects and cleans the metal surfaces within an engine. However, what really sets Wagner‘s Automotive Additive apart from the competition is how it continually optimizes and enhances the metal’s surface. This revolutionary process is achieved by highly complex organic compounds that continuously smoothen metal surfaces by reducing peaks and by filling in rough valleys.

The result is a dramatic improvement hydrodynamic lubricant filming. The biggest advantage Wagner’s Automotive Additive works continuously. Unlike like many additives that only show brief benefits for engine components the Automotive Additive works the entire time it is in the engine. From the 1st day it is added to last minute before the next oil change Wagner Automotive Additive is reacting with the metal surfaces in the engine.

The Result

An unmatched reduction in friction and unheard of protection, even during emergency/extreme running situations.